About us

Based in Herning, Denmark with more than 30 years experience in water technology, Aqua System provides environmentally friendly systems based on light technology (UV) alone, or in combination with other non-chemical technologies. Our company has a constant focus on the relation between health risks and water quality. Solutions provide private consumers, the public sector and the industry with optimum water quality for various purposes.


Primary business areas include sectors within:

  • Sport, leisure and recreation
  • Health
  • Industry

Our History

The sun, moving as it does, sets up a process of change, and by this agency the finest and sweetest water is carried up and is dissolved into vapour, which then rises to the upper regions, where it is condensed again by the cold – and so water falls down to the earth again.”


- Aristoteles

Much, much later Aqua System A/S was established in 1980 by a very creative entrepreneur who recognised the cleansing effect of sunlight on water. Being a competition swimmer he, as many others, suffered from red eyes and skin irritation. He realised the water quality in indoor pools, using chlorine as disinfectant, was much poorer than outdoor pools. He discovered the harmful effects are caused by chloramines formed in indoor pools. In contrast he noticed outdoor pools were nearly free from this compound due to their exposure to sunlight.

Practical research in 1979 led to the manufacture of a unit using a combination of UV disinfection and photo chemistry to reduce the unwanted chloramines. In 1988 Aqua System applied for a patent for the “Chlorominator” and from then on the product with the “strange” name became part of the product line. Since then the unit has been optimised and redesigned several times and is today an important part of the Aqua System product range.

In the early 1990’s the German water treatment group – Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH – showed interest in Aqua System. Since 1994 Grünbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH has been a shareholder in our company and representative for central Europe.


The Aqua System advantage

The pioneered Chlorominator® system has evolved resulting in a great source of expertise in water treatment and associated photo chemical technology. With massive resources which are bringing distinct benefits for the company’s customers, Aqua System today works in the field of environmental engineering and clean technology, specialising on the disinfection of water by means of a combination of UV disinfection and photochemistry­. The systems provide superior treatment of waters needing protection against infection by bacteria, viruses, spores and other micro organisms without changing the chemical composition of the water.

Aqua System is supplying water treatment systems worldwide. Systems are based on solid technological expertise combined with unique software to calculate optimum efficiency and minimum operating costs for each installation.


On course for the future

The core businesses which focus on light technology are:

  • Chlorominators® for reduction of chloramines in pool water
  • UV disinfection units for various health and industrial applications

As part of our strategic vision for the future, Aqua System will dedicate resources into a continuous research and development process related to the relation between health risks and water quality.

Aqua System wants continuous growth. The growth will take place in Denmark as well as through affiliated agents and joint ventures internationally.


Unique Water Today and in Future

Experience proves that water quality is an important factor. Water is life and quality water enhances the quality of our lives. In the global environment which puts this precious commodity under stress it is vital to find first-class solutions to water quality problems.

Clearly there will be an increasing need for higher quality water. Demands for water are likely to increase considerably all over the world.

This means the future needs for the treatment of water contamination will exceed Aqua System’s present high standards and knowledge base.

Consequently Aqua System is investing in research and development. This work involves not only improvements to existing technology but the evolution of new concepts in respect to the relation between health risks and water quality.

The challenges are daunting but exciting. Our know-how platform concept involving co-operation partners from universities, technical institutes, and the industry makes it more certain that technology will be available to meet those challenges.
In terms of value. In terms of resources. In terms of long-term reliability.